Our Veteran Employees – Part 1

CF Evans Construction is proud of our employees who served in the United States Military. Their work ethic and commitment to service shines through in all they do for us, and helps to make us successful. In the weeks leading up to Veteran’s Day, we will be posting interviews with five employees who selflessly served their country, and continue to serve alongside their coworkers to create communities.

This week, meet Joshua Parker, Project Manager for CF Evans Construction!

Joshua joined the Air Force in April of 2009 after serving his community as a civilian paramedic. “I wanted to use my skills where I felt they would be of better use, where they mattered most.” Josh deployed to Afghanistan during his time in the Air Force and separated in 2013 as a Senior Airman.

After leaving the Air Force, Josh worked as a paramedic once again but shortly thereafter decided it was time for a change. “I started working in historic renovation in Savannah, doing carpentry and woodworking. I worked my way up from there and went back to school on the GI Bill. Eventually my wife and I relocated to Charlotte where I worked on small custom home jobs as a Lead Carpenter and Interim Project Manager. I knew I wanted to move away from the physical, day to day, hands on side of the industry and get more into project management.”

Josh joined CF Evans in April of 2016 as an Assistant Project Manager in our North Carolina market. “I was looking at a few different career paths. I was attracted to the fact that CF Evans was a family business but wasn’t small; there were multiple areas for growth. I liked the fact that the company is upfront about their values and who they are and they were building projects in areas I know and love.” Josh was promoted to Project Manager in 2017.

“I don’t serve in the same way I did in the military, but at CF Evans we’re giving the communities where we build something that is worthwhile and that we can be proud of. CF Evans believes in being a good member of the community. I have no doubt that if something detrimental happened, CF Evans would support efforts to help recovery. The company also welcomes employee recommendations for charitable giving and I like knowing that by doing so, we are able to have a large impact on organizations that we are passionate about.”

Pictured: Josh during his time in the Air Force, with his wife Ashley on their wedding day, and their newborn son Colton

We look forward to sharing more of our employee’s stories in the coming weeks. Are you interested in joining them and becoming part of our team? Visit our careers page to see current opportunities or to be notified of future openings.