Summer Internship Program in Full Swing

Each summer, CF Evans Construction brings a group of college students on board to intern for us. Over the years our program has become more formalized, placing our interns in environments where they can learn about the activities that occur each and every day in the construction industry. It is our goal to have students participate in a broad spectrum of activities, in order to help further their understanding of the people and processes that are involved in building successful construction projects. Students are exposed to some management aspects of the work environment, as well as what it takes to be a craftsman in the industry.

This year, our Head of Production and Quality Control, Joel Heuring, is responsible for the summer intern program. “Our mission is to make this time as valuable as we can for the students, encouraging interns to interact with our staff and to give their insight into the newest technologies and practices that they have been exposed to in college,” Heuring explained. “Problem solving is an important skill to have in our industry so students will be challenged to come up with new and creative solutions to problems that arise on site with construction activities, logistics, communication barriers, documentation, and scheduling.” Summer interns are exposed to a range of roles and responsibilities at CF Evans including project management, field management, safety, preconstruction, and client service. “The internship program is very important for us. Not only does it allow students to gain knowledge they simply don’t get from the classroom, and it allows CF Evans to start training individuals that hopefully will come back as full time employees once they graduate.”

Meet our Summer 2019 Internship Class!
We asked our interns to tell us what they hope to get out of their internship, and why they chose CF Evans for the summer.

Travis Belisle
East Carolina University, Class of 2020
Location: Raleigh
I’m hoping to gain invaluable real-world experience and mentorship from seasoned industry professionals, while being given the opportunity to put the things I’ve learned in school into action.
Out of all the companies I talked to over the last year, CF Evans’ had the most balanced and well rounded program presented. After going on site and spending the day with the crew, I understood not only how much I could learn here, but also what a challenging and rewarding experience it would be working with this company.





Sri Malireddi
Clemson University, Class of 2020
Location: Greenville
I want to experience being in the field to observe day to day activities and to learn how to be helpful to the trades on site. I would like to interact with subcontractors and crew on site to understand the role of superintendents and coordinators on site. In short, I would like to get an understanding of what it takes to manage a job site and the importance of the role we play to make a construction project successful.
Apart from the fact that CF Evans is a leader in the Multifamily sector, the core values and Philosophy of the company is what I really respect and admire. During my interview we had a chat about their expectations from me and how they were going to include me on site. This gave me a clear picture of how my Internship was going shape up. I wanted to be in the field and it is exactly what CF Evans offered me for my Summer Internship. I am really happy and grateful to be a part of the Greenville Team.




Jose Contreras
The Citadel, Class of 2021
Location: Charleston
I hope to gain experience in the office side of the project and see how a project develops from scratch.
I chose CF Evans because my dad had been working with the company for a long time so I already knew that working for them would be an opportunity to gain experience and the guys working for the company were nice and everyone gets along very well so it makes a better working experience when everyone is there to help.






Reese Smoak
Clemson University, Class of 2020
Location: Charleston
The biggest thing I hope to take home with me from this internship is field experience. There’s a lot of stuff the classroom can teach but nothing compares to real-world, practical construction skills. Ultimately, this will help me decide which emphasis to further explore.
I chose CF Evans because of their expertise and track record dealing with construction. Their family like atmosphere has made me feel right at home.