Safe By Choice

CF Evans Construction is proud to announce their participation as an Established Member in National Construction Safety Week. More than 80 construction firms across the US and Canada have joined forces for the annual Safety Week, a construction industry-wide education and awareness event. Safety Week 2019 will be held May 6-10.

The mission of Safety Week 2019 is to strengthen the construction industry’s safety culture and performance by sharing best practices, tools and resources. The theme of the 2019 safety campaign is “Safe by Choice”. Every day, we step into offices and onto jobsites ready for another day’s work. In our roles, we face hundreds of choices, but none are more important than our choice to work safe. We are focused on the impact our safe choices have on our team members, their families, and the communities in which we live and work. We are united in our commitment to continuously improve our safety culture and send each employee home safe every day.

All CF Evans Construction sites will shut down during Safety Week 2019 to participate in an onsite safety meeting. The safety meeting will focus on making safe choices, specifically addressing decisions made when installing and using fall protection systems/devices and Personal Protective Equipment (PPE). The Construction Safety Week 2019 site meeting will be combined with OSHA’s Fall Protection Safety Stand Down event. During each meeting, the Safety Compliance Officer will recognize the top safety performing subcontractors on each site as our Champions of Safety.

Safety Week is sponsored by members of The Construction Industry Safety Initiative (CISI) and the Incident & Injury Free Executive Forum (IIF™). Additional support comes from the Alliance Partners, many of which are non-profit associations. For more information, visit:

In addition to these activities, we also encourage everyone to get involved in other ways:

Safety Week Art Contest

  • Have a little artist at home? Our Safety Week Art Contest promotes the importance of workplace safety by asking our children “What does it look like when mom/dad work safe?”
  • Our art contest is open to children ages 4-12 and winners will be selected by a third party judge (to be announced).
  • Learn more and enter the contest here.

Make a Safety Pledge

  • Safety Week is a perfect time to make an annual safety pledge! Make a pledge to commit to something in 2019 that you believe will make a difference to your own personal safety performance, something that will improve your project’s safety performance and help provide an injury-free workplace.
  • All those who submit Safety Pledge’s before midnight on Friday May 10th will be entered into a drawing for two $50 Visa Gift Cards.
  • Make your pledge here.

Special Thanks to SterlingSeacrest Partners & Liberty Mutual  for their support of Safety Week!