Multifamily Construction in the Lowcountry Panel

On Thursday, April 13th, CF Evans Construction hosted a panel discussion at the Harbor Club in downtown Charleston, to discuss the challenges and opportunities of building multifamily construction in the lowcountry. Panelists included: Rusty Porter (CF Evans), Mike Schwarz (Woodfield Investments), Chuck Travis (Housing Studio), Jason Munday (SeamonWhiteside), and Derrick Stewart (Power Design). The discussion was moderated by David Summers with CF Evans and covered a range of topics, from inspections and permitting to the building moratorium, earthquake drains, flood zones, piles, and the labor shortage. There was lively discussion surrounding affordable and work force housing as well as impact fees as we touched on the future of multifamily in this area. The audience members work in a variety of roles within the industry such as law, banking, brokerage, property management, and even single family home building.

Attendees were delighted at the amount of information that was shared and came away having learned more than they expected. Two lucky people walked away with an RTIC cooler, RTIC tumbler, and Aura bluetooth speaker from our raffle drawing!

CF Evans plans on taking this panel discussion to Greenville and Raleigh over the next year, adjusting the topics to fit the area and the specific construction and development concerns and opportunities.