Got Interns?

We do! CF Evans is a big fan of our interns. This summer we have three students interning with us on various job sites. Our internship program has benefits for both our firm and the students involved. An internship program allows for a period of collaboration between the student and CF Evans. The student reaps the benefits of having hands-on, real-time construction experience. It’s also an opportunity for the student to get to know the CF Evans family; our people, our values, our work processes. CF Evans gets to know the student on a personal level. We are able to assess who they are at their core, their affinity for learning, their ability to adapt to the rapid pace of construction, how they handle stress, how they interact with others, and if their values match ours.

When looking for full time hires, CF Evans prefers to hire interns into the organization and provide opportunities for them to learn, develop, and be promoted. Some individuals, with a work ethic and values similar to the company, who are looking for a long-term career usually find a home with CF Evans.

Are you interested in interning for CF Evans? Apply online and make sure to indicate which city you prefer!

Contributor: Nikki Hewett, HR Manager