Construction Safety Week

CF Evans Construction is proud to announce that we are a 2018 Construction Safety Week Partner.

From May 7-11, CF Evans will host events at all company jobsites to refocus and re-energize our commitment to working safe. This year’s theme is “The Power of Safe Choices”.

Every day, we are faced with choices: Decisions, from the mundane to the major, that set the stage for safety. While some of those choices may be second nature, like buckling seat belts, double-checking harnesses or wearing the right gloves on the job, others require practice before becoming habit. We must empower ourselves and each other to choose safety, time and time again – when we head to work at the beginning of the day, while we’re on-site and until we arrive back home, safe again. We commit ourselves to safety because it’s not just our personal safety that we hold in our hands: The choices we make – the ones we recognize and those we don’t – impact our co-workers, our community and also our family and friends. This responsibility is what inspires us to always do things the right way, the safe way. We are committed to recognizing the opportunities and challenges we face, to speak up when we see an unsafe practice and to always make safe choices. This year, we call on every worker across every position in every company across our industry to join us on this mission. Our choices have the power to ripple across the communities, cities and countries in which we live, work and play. Together, we can and we will create a safer, stronger industry – for ourselves, our colleagues, our families and our friends. That is… The power of safe choices.

Event Overview

Our week kicks off with a company wide safety site inspection on Monday. Throughout the week, our Safety Compliance Officer and company leadership will visit all jobsites where CF Evans employees and subcontractors will participate in a “Stand Down for Safety”.

In addition to these activities, we also encourage everyone to get involved in other ways:

Safety Week Art Contest

  • Have a little artist at home? Our Safety Week Art Contest promotes the importance of workplace safety by asking our children “What does it look like when mom/dad work safe?”
  • Our art contest is open to children ages 5-12 and winners will be selected by Cindy Munn, Interior Designer at JBanks Design.
  • Learn more and enter the contest here.

Make a Safety Pledge

  • Safety Week is a perfect time to make an annual safety pledge! Make a pledge to commit to something in 2018 that you believe will make a difference to your own personal safety performance, something that will improve your project’s safety performance and help provide an injury-free workplace.
  • Click here to make your pledge.

Procore/Safety Week Webinar

  • Safety Week has partnered with Procore to host a discussion on How to Build a Strong Safety Culture at your organization. Join Safety Week Communications Committee Co-Chair, Craig Atkinson, and Safety Week HSE leaders Rand Magee and Lee Dutcher on May 3 at 2pm EST. Sign up to join the webinar.